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What characterizes your agency and the escort ladies?

I set great value upon representing escort ladies, who are not just exceptionally beautiful, but who also possess intellect, class, self-confidence, sensuality, passion and elegance. Reliabilty and punctuality are of course also of great importance. All escort ladies of my agency are by no means dependent on this activity, escort service is just a side job or rather an adventure for them. The escort ladies cannot and do not want to accept more than 2 to max. 4 dates per month, which guarantees that each rendezvous is a special and extraordinary experience for them. Since I know each lady personally I can advise you well in the choice of a suitable lady for you. I want to create wonderful and memorable experiences - for you and the escort ladies!

Why are the faces of most ladies hidden in their pictures?

Hedonistic Escort represents ladies who have serious careers and are just part-time escorts, therefore discretion is very important to them. The ladies' safety has top priority for me.

How many days in advance should I book?

Since all the ladies have careers and a private life, they cannot always respond to my request immediately, therefore bookings should be made as soon as possible. We generally require that bookings are made at least 24 hours in advance. In individual cases, however, it might be possible to arrange a meeting at very short notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us, in case of short notice inquires we recommend a phone call (please bear in mind that I am not answering calls with a withheld number!).

Can I cancel the meeting if the lady does not appeal to me?

Yes, of course this is possible. In the rare event of a cancellation, only travel expenses are charged. I trust, however, that you will not be disappointed because I am always trying to find the right escort lady for each customer. If there should be a cause for complaint, I am always reachable by phone during your rendezvous and I will do my best to find a satisfying solution for you.

What about the payment terms?

The escort ladies receive their fee at the beginning of the rendezvous. Please don't put the lady into the awkward situation of having to ask for it. For meetings outside of the lady's hometown, the travel expenses have to be paid in advance.